a dokkaebi story

adapted from a story on wikipedia that has no citation, so it could be fake for all i know

one day a comp student was working on an assignment when a dokkaebi visited their apartment

(the student had been working on this code all night and was half-asleep which is why they didn't blink an eye at a goblin appearing out of nowhere)

the student gave the dokkaebi some left over curry and they became friends. the dokkaebi would visit often while the student worked on their assignment, and they would discuss the relative merits of web frameworks like angular and react

eventually, the student realized that the dokkaebi was a dirty freeloader who was eating all of their food, so they devised a plan to get rid of the goblin

"what are you most afraid of?" the student asked

the dokkaebi responded, "jquery, of course. what are you afraid of?"

"i'm afraid of waking up one day to find my code working perfectly," the student responded. "it would ruin all the challenge."

the next day, the student wrote an entire web app in jquery and left it running on their laptop. when the dokkaebi saw, it became angry and yelled "i curse you to face your greatest fear!" and then ran away

to the student's delight, their code was suddenly working perfectly. the dokkaebi never came back and the student got a 100 on their assignment