Welcome to the osu!mania Research Lab archive!

The osu!mania Research Lab was a project led by Niv, NovaSagittari, Davvy, and Agka, with help from other members of the osu!mania Research Lab Discord, to research obscure osu!mania mechanics and bugs in the months leading up to the 2020 Aspire V mapping contest.

Our biggest focus was p-notes, or glitched long notes where the end timestamp comes before the start timestamp. At the time, p-notes were thought to be unique in their ability to create fake notes, or objects that looked like normal notes but could not be hit, missed, or otherwise interacted with. These fake notes were prized for their use in note animations -- such as making notes appear to scroll in reverse or teleport around the screen -- as well as other effects.

P-notes turned out to be very complicated, so we never finished our research. However, in the aftermath of Aspire V, we discovered NaN-notes, or long notes where the start timestamp or the end timestamp are set to NaN. This proved to be a much more consistent method of creating fake notes, effectively superceding p-notes.

Ultimately, the osu!mania Research Lab only lasted for a few months, and our documentation was neither focused enough to serve as a practical guide, nor broad enoguh to serve as a technical knowledge base. However, it succeeded in briefly bringing community members together to explore the weird world of osu!mania bugs, so I think it served its purpose.

All the pages from the original wiki can be found below.



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