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Hi, I'm Niv!

I'm a 22-year-old Korean-American library science student. My pronouns are he/him. In my free time I like to play Overwatch and try new foods. Also I'm gay. This is where I put all the stuff I make!

𝕋he 𝕊tuff

I'm a hobby game developer. I have a soft spot for first person shooters, typing games, and puzzle games, but I especially love making story-based games. In fact, I think one of my greatest skills is writing likeable characters. I've been applying that skill toward a VN called purrgatory for nearly two years now.

Making games evolved naturally from writing. I used to write fanfiction, but nowadays I mainly write original and furry stuff. As far as my tastes in fiction, it's worth noting that every fandom I've ever been in has involved talking animals...

I also make music, which could best be labeled as fusion speedcore. Basically, that means sticking gabba basses and Amen breaks into everything.

Sometimes I draw, too. It's not my biggest interest, but it turns out most games need visuals, so it's a handy skill to have!

I've made some other stuff that I'm proud of, like Discord bots, tabletop campaigns, and card towers, which aren't displayed here. I've also made a lot of rhythm game charts, most of which you can find on osu.

Regardless of what you're here for, I hope you enjoy!

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