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purrgatory in dev a slice-of-death adventure (originally made for I Can't Draw by the purrgatory team)

𝔻rabbles and 𝔻emos

The Immortal Game feb 2021 very short vn about chess made in under four hours
The End of Days jun 2020 a mouse maze adventure about friendship and salvation (made by me, Mikey, and Rey for I Can't Draw Again)
Shelving Simulator jan 2020 shelve some books, dummy! (demo; Windows only)
Type the Bible jan 2020 type the Bible, but don't make any mistakes
SPACEDEER dec 2019 collect stars in outer space! (made for Weekly Game Jam 219)
My Cryptid Crush oct 2019 cryptid dating sim (demo; made by Team Fishtrap for Cryptid Jam)
Loan Runner mar 2019 student loans-themed endless runner (made by Team Jamchester for Manchester Student Game Jam 2019)
Emergent Beehavior feb 2019 difficult puzzle game about turing machines and bees (demo)
Scriptorium dec 2018 narrative-based medieval typing experience (demo)
Purrgatory dec 2018 the original purrgatory! (demo)
CYBEROMANCE nov 2018 software dating sim (demo; Windows only; made by me and zach for The Rift VN Jam)
Llama Hog Aptitude Test 2010 zany choose-your-own-adventure i made when i was 12!

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